How we can work together

We work with other local charities and services to assist people at risk of homelessness. In 1993 we opened the St Albans night shelter, and led the development of the Open Door accommodation and Drop-In Centre in Bricket Road. We continue to make grants to improve the facilities.


The charity currently funds two support roles based at Open Door:


  • A Volunteer Co-ordinator – who organises the work of almost 100 volunteers and recruits new ones
  • A Safer Streets Outreach Worker – who seeks to understand the reasons why each person is sleeping rough, and provides support specifically for their needs.


If you see a rough sleeper who may need support you can contact St Albans Safer Streets Outreach team on 07825 103842, or at

The Open Door Charity also makes small occasional grants to other local charities and organisations, to deliver services or outcomes that will meet the Charity’s objectives in supporting homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in the St Albans area.


If you may be able to deliver a project that meets our objectives, please complete an application form or contact  to find out more.

We helped Graham get back on his feet again

Graham worked full time until a few months before coming to Open Door. After a relationship breakdown, he lost his job and his home.


“When I first came to Open Door I had never been in a night shelter before so I didn’t know what to expect. The man sat on the sofa offered me his hand and said, “welcome to Open Door”, and gave me his name. These were some of the nicest words I’d heard in a long time.


The team at Open Door were very welcoming and professional. They took me in and during my stay they went out of their way to help me. I have seen a lot of people that were helped in equal ways that meant that our dignity was not taken away at any time. Everyone is treated with respect at Open Door, no matter what their background or life experience.”


Please note the name and image on this page do not represent the person in the story.

Our Address

8 Bricket Road, St Albans,
Hertfordshire AL1 3JX

Call: 01727 859113


Provides breakfast for a resident at the night shelter for a month


Provides a one hour counselling session


Funds a street outreach worker for one day