You can make a big difference to the lives of vulnerable people by fundraising for Open Door. Whether at work, school or as part of your community, there are many fun ways to raise money and support our work. We will help you every step of the way to ensure your fundraising event is a success.


We have (downloadable guides) to get you started and our friendly Fundraising Team are always on hand to give advice and guidance.


If you’d like to chat about your idea please email us on


provides breakfast for a resident at the night shelter for a month


provides a one hour counselling session


funds a street outreach worker for one day

Steps for Fundraising Success

The first step is to come up with a fundraising idea. Think about what you enjoy doing, maybe something you know you’re good at.


Sponsored walks, and runs, are always popular – or maybe an activity based on a sport or hobby? If you are feeling adventurous how about…. sky diving!

1: Pick a date:​

Think about how much time is needed to organise your event. Factor this in when choosing a date. Will you have enough time to organise your event and contact your potential supporters? The key to a great fundraiser is in the planning! Perhaps hold your event on a special day, like Easter, or valentine’s day.

2: Choose a venue:​

Where do you plan to hold your event? Inside or outside? Factor in the weather and the space your event might need.


Do you need permission? Consider the number of people attending, facilities you may need, accessibility and any costs involved.

3: Set a fundraising target:​

Did you know that online giving pages which set a target, raise 46% more that fundraising pages without targets? It is worth setting a target and smashing it rather than not having one at all.


It’s a very good reason for people to donate and to encourage them to keep donating. A target encourages everyone to focus on reaching that goal.


There are many online money giving platforms. We use and recommend Virgin Money Giving to make fundraising cashless, and easy for donors.

You can register your fundraising event here:

4: Get online and share:​

The internet can really help your fundraising. Use Facebook to promote your event and get friends, family and colleagues to share it. Consider using Instagram to post pictures, keep supporters excited about your event. We can help with advice on using social media.


Even after you have held your event, remind supporters to donate. Did you know 20% of donations online – come after the event!

5: Make it personal:​

Remember, when setting up your fundraiser make it personal. Add a little bit about why you are fundraising for Open Door. Share your passion with your supporters – online and in person. People will give more if they know why you care about our work. You’ll also help raise awareness of the Open Door charity.


Feel free to download our event invitations

Good luck, and Let us know how you get on.

We’d love to see your photos of the event. Feel free to send them to us at

Download invitations

Feel free to download our event invitations: